GPSA partners with selected high schools to create custom programming.  Our Partnership Program gives a high school the opportunity to develop its own program in collaboration with GPSA for Health, Duke University and Johns Hopkins University. Departure date, length and location of the program, and any desired curricular integration are developed in concert with the high school, GPSA for Health, and Duke University.  Partnership programs are available for GPSA for Health at our West Virginia (USA), Belize or Guatemala sites and for GPSA for the Environment in North Carolina.  All beautiful and culturally rich locations, where high school students can actually make a difference in rural communities. Program staff in these countries includes pre-med and engineering students from Duke, Johns Hopkins, and other universities.   The most important custom element is the curricular integration.  Developing a curriculum with the faculty is optional, but highly recommended. It gives the school the opportunity to offer the students an academic level curriculum, designed in cooperation with Duke University, and it will give the high school faculty and students the best possible preparation before they depart.  Individual students and groups of students can also complete project work through our leadership training program.

If you are interested in becoming a partner school, contact Dr. Robert Malkin (