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GPSA partners with selected high schools to create custom programming. Our Partnership Program gives your high school the opportunity to develop its own travel program or eCourse in collaboration with GPSA staff.


Curricular development begins by working together with a faculty member who is interested in leading and co-developing educational sessions.


We offer a wide spectrum of topics that can be integrated into your curriculum in the areas of global health, cross-cultural competency, leadership, project management, patient care skills and basic screening skills such as blood pressure, glucose and vital signs.

If you are interested in learning more about our partnership program, please contact Lennert Rohde at:

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The desired dates, time and length of the travel program or eCourse can be scheduled to fit your school’s academic calendar and / or your students’ availability.


Curricular customization

GPSA will collaborate with your faculty to develop a customized academic level curriculum that consists of several intellectually rigorous academic sessions adapted to fit the interests of your students.

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Travel Program Location

Your school may choose either West Virginia (USA), Thailand, Belize or Guatemala. All four beautiful and culturally rich locations, where high school students can actually make a difference by providing health services in underserved communities.