GPSA works in the remote village of Williamson, West Virginia, close to the Kentucky border. Williamson is a town of about 3000 inhabitants deep in the beautiful Appalachian mountains of West Virginia, USA.  These rugged inhabitants have been devastated by natural disasters and economic hardship. Only recently has the city been protected by a floodwall in response to deadly flooding along the Tug Fork River in 1977 and again in 1984.  The local economy is largely fueled by coal mining, an industry in rapid decline.  The decline is so severe that it recently brought former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the city to discuss the problems of poverty and healthcare in this community.  Despite their economic troubles, the local people are kind and welcoming hosts.

Upon request the West Virginia program can start and end at Duke University, Raleigh, NC. Days spent at Duke University will contain guest lectures, training sessions, etc.

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