GPSA works near San Ignacio and Santa Elena. While there is a significant tourism industry along the coast of Belize, San Ignacio and Santa Elena can be found in the interior of the country. Belize is a beautiful, yet impoverished, English-speaking, Central American nation more 

Shortly after their arrival, the students will travel as a group to Xela. Though Xela is the center of activity for the program, students live with a college leader in groups with a host family in pueblos outside of Xela. Living with a host family creates more 


Students will be traveling to the remote area of Williamson, West Virginia, USA. Williamson is a town of about 3000 inhabitants deep in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. These rugged inhabitants have been devastated by natural disasters and more 

Thailand is a beautiful Southeast Asian country with a rich culture and history dating back centuries. While the Thai people, in general, benefit from high-quality healthcare. more