Medical Fellows: Pre-Med/Global Health Gap-Year Program

The Medical Fellows program is an opportunity to work alongside physicians, nurses and community health workers while experiencing the challenges and opportunities present in global settings. The program is intended for college graduates of any major interested in volunteering abroad in underserved healthcare settings. Our sites are located in Belize, Guatemala, Thailand, and West Virginia (USA).

We offer two volunteering tracks:

Medical Fellow Global Medical Fellow
Live and work in Belize, Guatemala or rural USA; occasional travel to other sites. Live and work in three different countries assigned according to current needs.
 Minimum commitment for Guatemala and Belize is 12 months; for the USA is 3 months.  Minimum commitment is 9 months.
Start dates are in the summer.  Start dates throughout the year.

Quote from Medical Fellow Karl 2018 – 2019

“As a medical fellow you will learn so much about both the complexity and beauty of human culture. Additionally, the program gives you the opportunity to work with various organizations within the community.”

Quote from Medical Fellow Kirsten 2017-2018
“It was fascinating to be part of a program that puts so much effort on community projects and education in order to improve public health.”

As part of the medical fellows program, you will be placed at a health center where you will have the opportunity to learn and work alongside doctors, nurses and community health workers. You will live with a host family in a rural village or small town which will give you a full immersion experience into the local culture and language. You will develop your leadership skills as you mentor the next generation of health professionals during our academic service learning programs for high school students. You will be trained to deliver medical care that is directly related to the health issues found in the targeted communities.

Fellows with a Master’s Degree will have the opportunity to work on projects to improve health issues in the region in collaboration with GPSA staff and local health partners. Additionally, the Medical Fellow may be eligible for work on publications.

For more information or to apply email