Even in this time of isolation, there is tremendous need for people to help improve the health of their communities. And, you can make a difference. GPSA is offering you a unique opportunity to participate in an intensive virtual academic course, Global Pandemic eCOURSE & Response.  If you want to deepen your understanding of global health, you can also participate in our eGAP Year.

eGAP Year

It is indeed a strange time with major universities announcing modifications to their academic schedules, living arrangements and even going nearly completely virtual.  This has left many wondering what to do.  Does it make sense to take Introduction Psychology from an expensive university in your basement?  In the end, it might make more sense to defer a year until the situation normalizes.  With GPSA, you can make that year count.

GPSA offers a hands-on, health careers, gap-year program that you can use to make that year of deferral a career-advancing experience, without the cost of a US private university.

With GPSA’s eGAP Year, you take two courses per semester, including one intensive language course.  In Global Health 1 (GH1) and Global Health 2 (GH2), you will develop a project to make a real difference to a community in need. If you choose, you can travel the following year to implement the project, or GPSA’s staff can implement the project for you.  You can also choose to participate in only one semester.


If you don’t want to commit to a full eGap year or semester, the eCOURSE might be right for you. This 16-part course will focus on understanding the global pandemic and how you can help your community. You’ll have the opportunity to study with some of the world’s experts and enjoy 16 hours of interactive, live online sessions with GPSA staff and Duke faculty. Sessions will include information about COVID-19, understanding how epidemiologists investigate outbreaks, review prevention methods used to contain viruses, risk factors associated with severe COVID-19 symptoms and the most recent research developments related to vaccination, detection and screening for COVID-19.

With the support and mentorship of GPSA staff and faculty, you will design your own response to the pandemic: How can you make your community and your neighborhood a better place? Projects can focus on social distance training, personal protective equipment or more traditional topics like proper hand washing. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a Global Pandemic Response certificate from GPSA.

These are strange times but you can make a difference now!