The Youth Leadership in Global Health Program is for students who, like you, have a passion for health occupations and want to gain leadership experience, knowledge and project management skills in the field of global health.

The eCourse offers:

  • A 16-hour synchronous (or asynchronous) interactive Youth Leadership in Global Health Curriculum taught by qualified GPSA staff that will provide you with global health and leadership skill knowledge.
  • A unique opportunity to develop and implement your own global health promotion project. A chance to make a positive impact!
  • Live interactive Project Management Laboratories lead by University Graduate students from Duke University or similar top universities from the USA that will provide you with advanced knowledge and skills needed to design, implement and evaluate your project.
  • One-On-One Mentorship Program with a University Graduate student from Duke University or similar top universities from the USA that will provide you with individualized support for your project design and implementation.
  • Free access to our live GPSA Webinars Series where you will learn about global health and leadership from professors, healthcare professionals and experts who work in the field of global health.
  • Free access to the GPSA Library that includes a Textbook, videos and presentations for self-paced directed learning.

The course will help you develop the following leadership skills:

  • Active listening
  • Communication
  • Public speaking and presenting
  • Debate and compromise
  • Ability to work with others collaboratively
  • Self-assessment and reflection on practice
  • Cross Cultural Competency
  • Providing effective feedback

You will be expected to:

  • Design and implement a health promotion project in your field of interest.
  • Communicate with community members or health care professionals to gather information on the need for your project and/or your project design and evaluation.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your project and analyze the results.
  • Present your results to peers, GPSA staff and partners.

You will earn a certificate and receive a personalized performance evaluation report upon completion of the program. Upon request, we provide personal references for college, scholarship, internship and/or job applications.

Time commitment for curriculum: Expect a similar time commitment to college level courses (30 min – 1 hour of homework per 1-hour session)

Time commitment for the project: Depending on the nature of your project which is decided by you, a project can take anywhere from 15-30 hours to complete.